Prerequisites: Current enrollment in Beginner Obedience, Rally Novice, CGC, Tricks, Intro to Agility, or recent completion of a session of any of these classes, or current or recent enrollment in any advanced performance class, or consent of the instructor. Dogs must behave on lead and have reliable recalls.

Success in the performance ring requires you and your dog to have consistent teamwork and communication. This class will expand and strengthen important foundation skills introduced in the novice/introductory rally, obedience, and agility classes. Some of the exercises will be worked with a clicker. We will do a lot of flatwork, which is handling done with little or no equipment.

Learning objectives include attention and focus, rewards and reinforcement, timing and consistency. Positive training methods are emphasized. We focus on both members of the team, not just the dog.

Class is taught inside the club. Bring your own clicker, or we will have some you can purchase.

Students may repeat Teamwork more than once to fully develop the desired skills.

Students should bring a crate for their dog to each class. A crate provides the dog a safe haven to relax while the handler works on specific skills, helps move equipment, etc.

Enrollment is limited to 8 teams.

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