Prerequisite:   Beginner Obedience at LRDTC

The second level in your obedience training, Sub-Novice can be a gateway to competition or just another way to have a more well-trained companion.   This begins the formal development of core skills, with more emphasis on attention. 

Heeling as a precise position is introduced as well as related footwork, turns, and changes of pace.  Recalls begin to include a sit in front and a finish at your side.  A sit and a stand for examination require the dog to allow someone to approach and touch them without movement.  Stays are formalized and timed.  Your dog will be more confident in his/her daily life.  The foundation is being built, through positive reinforcement, for you and your dog to work as a team, with limited verbal commands.

This is the first cornerstone if you plan to move into any form of dog sports.  This class, like most advanced classes, usually requires several sessions of work.  Most students stay in Sub-Novice for two to four class sessions.  It is time well-spent to provide the appropriate skills for moving forward.


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