Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Rally Novice instructional class, off-leash control of your dog, and permission of the instructor.

The Advanced class introduces the second level Rally signs and the training of those exercises.  Training of the exercises and course practice may be on leash, to help perfect the performance.  Teams are becoming competition ready and reinforcing skills.  Perfecting of the technical skills at this level takes much practice and precision.


Because Rally Advanced courses are performed off leash, teamwork and control are critical.   A dog should be performing almost perfectly on-leash before transitioning to off leash work. 


This level of Rally includes:


Rally Advanced is a challenging class, especially the transition to off leash work, and is not mastered in one session. A second or third class may be needed to get handlers and dogs ready for this level of competition.  The goal of the class is to prepare teams for earning the Rally Advanced (RA).





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