Prerequisites: Successful completion of Intro to Agility with acquisition of the required skills, and consent of the instructor.

This class introduces performance of agility equipment, including contacts (dogwalk, Aframe, teeter, table), weave poles, tunnels, and jumps (bar, spread, tire, panel, and broad). Fundamental dog and handler skills required to execute each obstacle safely will be emphasized. Weaves will be trained using several different methods.

Other skills introduced in this class include start line stays, development of solid contact performance with clear criteria, and lead changes and crosses. Most of these skills will be taught using short sequences. The handler must be able to work the dog from both sides of obstacles.

Students should expect to continue in Beginning Agility for multiple sessions, depending upon individual progress.

Handlers and dogs must demonstrate proficiency in the following skills in order to move up from Beginner Agility to Intermediate Agility:
• Dog and handler have a basic understanding of weave criteria and can complete at least 6 weave poles from either side.
• Dogs can safely navigate contact obstacles (Aframe, teeter, dogwalk, and table). Handler should be able to articulate their desired contact performance.
• Handler and dog can execute one or more crosses (lead changes) correctly.
• Handler and dog can navigate short sequences of obstacles in a straight line, or in a pinwheel or curve. Teams must be able to perform the sequences with the dog on both left and right sides of the handler.

Students should bring a crate for their dog to each class. A crate provides the dog a safe haven to relax while the handler works on specific skills, helps move equipment, etc.



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