Prerequisites: Successful completion of Intro to Agility, acquisition of the required skills, and consent of the instructor. Dog must be at least one year old.

This class introduces all agility equipment - contacts (dog walk, A-frame, seesaw), weave poles, chutes, tunnels, and jumps. Fundamental dog and handler skills on each obstacle are emphasized, with contact performance requirements understood. Weave pole training methods are presented in detail with on- and off-side entries. Short, simple sequences, requiring teamwork, may be included.

Teams successfully completing Beginner Agility I can do a straight-line sequence of obstacles with a slight curve or pinwheel, demonstrating forward movement, with the handler on the left or right side of the dog, performing obstacles safely and with an understanding of contact behavior. Dogs should complete six weave poles successfully.

Students should expect to continue in Beginning Agility I for multiple sessions (minimum of two to four), depending upon individual progress.

Students must have a proficiency of 80% on all skills/obstacles taught to move to Beginner Agility II. (Note: The number of students and instructor availability will determine if there are separate Beginner Agility I and II classes.)

* Students should expect to bring a crate for their dog to each class. A crate provides the dog a safe haven to relax while the handler works on specific skills, helps move equipment, etc.


Cost $65.00.

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