Prerequisite:   Sub-Novice Obedience at LRDTC.

The beginning of real competitive obedience training, Novice class prepares teams to enter the obedience ring at licensed trials and earn a Companion Dog (CD) title.  Precision is emphasized for heeling, fronts, finishes, and stays.  Off-leash heeling is introduced, and a stand for examination is required.  There are tests of your dog’s reliability.  The group one-minute sit stay and three-minute down stay are perfected, with distractions as a test.    Attention on all exercises is key to success.  Ring procedure and preparation are detailed.

Performance of the Novice exercises with single commands is one of the highest achievements dog owners can experience.  This is truly communicating with your dog, in a language that they understand.  This class trains and polishes a ring-ready team.

The skills taught in this class are the linchpin if you plan to compete in obedience or want a truly well-trained dog.  Novice, like most advanced classes, usually requires several sessions of work; most students repeat the class for two to four class sessions.  It is time well-spent to provide the appropriate skills for moving forward to advanced obedience.


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