Conformation is the “dog show” venue of dog sports, open only to intact, purebred dogs of breeds recognized by the sanctioning organization.  Established to evaluate breeding stock, dogs are judged based upon their comparison to a written standard for their breed.  Judges evaluate the dogs on breed type, structure, movement, temperament, and conditioning.  The handler's job is to train and handle the dog in such a manner as to present it at its best for judging; amateurs compete alongside professional handlers.

The LRDTC Conformation class is run as a practice session for the show ring and is typically composed of both novice and experienced handlers.  The class focuses on stacking (standing the dog properly), gaiting (moving the dog), handling technique, ring protocol and etiquette, and problem-solving.  

Children are welcome to participate, at the instructor's discretion, if of sufficient age to take direction and behave in a mature manner, independent of a parent or guardian.  For the safety of all class participants, children must have the strength to control any dog that accompanies them to class.

Conformation is a drop-in class, with handlers paying by the individual class; no pre-registration is taken.

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