Prerequisite:   Beginner Obedience at LRDTC

The CGC Class prepares you and your dog to participate in the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program.  The focus of the class is responsible dog ownership and basic good manners in public.  At the end of the class, all students may take the CGC test, given by an approved AKC CGC Evaluator.  All dogs, mixed and purebred, that pass are eligible to have the CGC recorded as part of the dog’s record by the AKC.  The elements of the CGC test are:

  1. accepting a friendly stranger
  2. sitting politely for petting
  3. appearance and grooming
  4. walking on a loose leash
  5. walking through a crowd
  6. staying in place at a sit or a down
  7. coming when called
  8. reaction to another dog
  9. reactions to distractions
  10. supervised separation

As with all LRDTC classes, the focus is on positive reinforcement, team building, and having fun with your dog.  The CGC certification provides proof that your dog is a model citizen, with a title after his/her name to prove it.


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