Want a better best friend?   Want a dog that is truly a part of your family, well-mannered and welcome in your community?   Beginner Obedience is the answer.

Designed for dogs 6 months and older, this class provides the foundation for a well-mannered pet.  No dog is too old to learn!  The owner/handler is taught the basic concepts of dog training and skills to help your dog to become a wonderful companion.   Those skills include come when called, walk on a loose leash, sit, down, and developing a positive relationship between dog and handler.  Positive reinforcement (praise, treats, play, toys) is the cornerstone of training.  Emphasis is on building a clear communication system with mutual respect while having fun together. 

Handler skills learned in this class can transfer to all future dogs.  We teach you to train your dog.  Training your dog at home is required, but it strengthens the bond with your dog as well as develops your skills as a team.  Our goal is for you and your dog to enjoy each other. 

This class is a prerequisite for most other classes offered by LRDTC.


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