Prerequisites: Successful completion of Intermediate Agility II with acquisition of the required skills at 80% proficiency and consent of the instructor. Dog should have a title, legs toward a title, or have the skills to compete in agility trials.

This class is designed for dogs competing or able to successfully run an Excellent/Elite/Masters level course (but do not have to be competing at this level). 


The Advanced Agility class includes:

-- Complete courses broken down into smaller pieces for practice and analysis
-- Sequences that are commonly seen in agility trials
-- Send drills
-- Distance work
-- Layering
-- Side switches
-- 270’s at a distance
-- AKC FAST course strategies
-- Problem solving and handling strategies for competition

The goal of Advanced Agility is to prepare students to successfully perform an Excellent-level course.




* Students should expect to bring a crate for their dog to each class. A crate provides the dog a safe haven to relax while the handler works on specific skills, helps move equipment, etc.


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